1App Online Planning Applications
1App Online Planning Applications
Arboricultural Tree Surveys for 1APP Planning Proposals

Validation of 1APP Planning Permission with Trees

1APP has been developed by the Government and is compulsory for all Local Planning Authorities across the country. The forms are designed to be filled in online, but copies can be printed out to fill in manually. Online applications for Planning Permission should be made through the Planning Portal website. Since the introduction of 1APP, failure to provide full tree information can now cause expensive delays.

Planning PermissionGovernment Circular 02/2008 and it's advice document Validation of Planning Applications, is now in force and Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) can refuse planning permission if required tree information is not included.

When trees are involved planning applications should include

We encourage developers to contact us at an early stage for a Feasibility Study. Early consideration of a range of tree issues will enable us to give detailed advice on how trees will effect the design of any scheme to be taken into account in developing a proposal before it is taken forward as a planning application.

Where trees are present but unlikely to be a significant issue on a construction site, we can produce a desktop report that will meet the 1APP requirements for less expense than a full report.

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