Arboricultural Feasibility Studies
Arboricultural Feasibility Studies
Pre Purchase Construction Site Feasibility Surveys can save you ££££'s

Construction Site Feasibility Surveys - BS 5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Construction

Property developers may want to take advantage of Raphael Skerratt's Construction Site Feasibility Surveys. Trees within and adjacent to a proposed construction site may impose severe constraints on any planned development. A pre-purchase Feasibility Study will highlight the way in which trees on the site are likely to effect future design and planning.

Construction Site SurveyConsulting us at the planning stage will avoid the need of costly last minute changes to property development caused by the need to retain or replace significantly important trees. We work to the recommendations of BS 5837:2012 and will work harmoniously with your design and planning team ensuring that due consideration is given to trees on the site and ensuring that planning application goes without a hitch.

Our Construction Industry Services include

  • Local Planning Authority Liaison
  • CAD is used - printed and digital formats
  • Tree Condition and Categorisation
  • Trees Mapping and Constraints Plans
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessments - AIA
  • Tree Protection Plans - TPP
  • Arboricultural Method Statements - AMS

Arboricultural pre-purchase feasibility studies will highlight the strengths and weakness of a proposed development site. The likely costs of any tree works will also be outlined such as the removal, replacement and protection of affected trees.

Using the feasibility survey, meaningful design and planning can go ahead, maximising the use of available space, reducing the need to excavate large numbers of trees, and vastly increasing the odds of a successful planning application.

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