Construction Site Supervison
Construction Site Supervision
Arboricultural Site Supervision for Trees on Development Construction Sites

Arboricultural Construction Site Supervision

The amendments to BS5837: Trees in Relation to Construction has stressed the need for the management and retention of trees during the construction and property development process. Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are enthusiastically enforcing BS5837 and this has meant an increase in rather stringent conditional planning applications. With an arboricultural and Tree Law knowledge spanning 30 years, Ralph Skerratt The Tree Consultant is well placed to advise construction companies on what is required. For your information we have provided an outline of the most important Changes in BS5837:2012. Specialist arboricultural supervision of construction sites in order to protect the trees is a common request.

Construction Site with TreesSite supervision is normally proceeded by an Arboricultural Impact Survey (AIS) or a Tree protection Plan (TPP).

Construction Site Monitoring includes

  • Local Planning Authority Liaison
  • Initial Assessment of Tree Condition
  • Underground Services Installation
  • Over ground cabling and pylon erection
  • Residential Road Works
  • Trunk roads and motorway sidings
  • Railway Industry Tree Works

Properties with a well managed mature tree population attract higher prices. Retaining suitable trees during the development process will give added value to any construction project in terms of amenity value, sustainability of wildlife as well as adding considerable aesthetic appeal.

Tree protection and retention during building works needs substantial preparation and will require changes in construction plans and designs. Planning at an early stage is advisable as it will save delays in the construction process and the need for redesign of site layouts. Site supervision will negate the possibility of expensive litigation for failure to comply with planning conditions.

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