Bacterial Tree Infections
Bacterial Tree Infections
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Bacterial and Viral Infections

There are bacterial and viral pathogens that attack trees, placing them under stress.

Bacterial agents are thought to be instrumental in Acute and Chronic Oak Decline. Other bacterial diseases are Horse Chestnut Canker and the commercially sensitive Fire Blight which attacks apple and pear trees.

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Horse Chestnut Canker

The latest report by the Forestry Commission is that over 50% of all UK trees are infected.

Horse Chestnut is recognised by the affected bark weeping a dark sticky fluid. The disease places the tree under stress and can lead to death depending on other environmental factors

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Fire Blight

Fire Blight is a highly infectious disease which attacks commercially sensitive apple and pear trees, leaving orchards devastated.

It gets its name from the appearance of the disease. Infected areas appear shrunken, blackened and cracked - almost as if they has been scorched by fire.

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