Tree Diseases - Symptoms & Treatment
Tree Diseases - Symptoms & Treatment
London Tree Diseases - Symptoms Treatment Management

Insect Infestation

There are many new insect pests entering the UK which have the potential to cause devastation to our tree stocks.

  • Asian Longhorn Beetle
  • Oak Processionary Moth
  • Great Spruce Bark Beetle
  • Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner
  • Emerald Ash Borer

New insect threats can enter the UK via imports. Global warming may also be creating favourable conditions for insect infestation.

Tree Insect Infestation

Fungus Infestation

There are many fungal pathogens which attack trees, sometimes with devastating effects

We can help by identifying the disease for you and recommending a schedule of works to manage the disease.

Fungal Tree Diseases

Bacterial and Viral Attack

There are also bacterial and viral pathogens which can attack trees

We can give help and advice on treatment concerning bacterial tree infection.

Bacterial Tree Infection


London Tree Disease Services - Symptoms Treatment and Management

Diseased and unhealthy trees need immediate attention from a professional arborist in order to establish the extent and cause of the problem and to suggest viable solutions. In some cases, the decay may be largely hidden and the tree may pose a serious health and safety risk.

Urban trees can be affected by numerous pests, diseases, and disorders. These range from pollution, mammals, viruses, insects, bacteria and fungi. Disease diagnosis is one of our areas of expertise

Various symptoms that may indicate the presence of Pests and Diseases

  • Toadstools and fungal brackets
  • Weeping wounds and cankers
  • Loss of vigour
  • Early leaf fall
  • Crown dieback
  • Early autumn colours
  • Cavities and Damaged bark
  • Curling, brown or yellowing leaves
  • Branch drop and Deadwood
  • Insect bore holes in the leaves or the stem

How We Can Help

If you suspect disease or infections in your trees we can help. We will positively identify what the infection is, make an assessment of health and safety risks, and give you a schedule of recommended works necessary to treat or manage the disease. In the case of a notifiable disease, we will make a report to DEFRA or other authorities on your behalf. If the tree is protected Tree Preservation Order (TPO) issued by the council, or you live in a conservation area, we will make the necessary applications to the council for you.

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