Expert Witness - in Relation to Trees
Expert Witness - in Relation to Trees
London Tree Related Expert Witness - Tree Consultants
Expert Witness

Expert Witness Services - Tree Related Legal Judgements and Civil Disputes

Expert witness services to planning appeals and other disputes such as Tree Subsidence Claims, damage to property by Nuisance or Dangerous Trees, death by falling trees and branches, personal injury claims and Tree Preservation Orders.Our Clients include homeowners, planning consultants, developers, architects, structural engineers, insurers, loss adjustors, local authority officers. solicitors and lawyers.

Fallen TreesThe Expert Witness information includes:

Our services include preparing submissions, briefing advocates and giving evidence with regard to the tree-related aspects of Planning Appeals, civil disputes such as High Hedges and personal injury claims.

We act as independent tree expert witnesses. We work for Defendants and Claimants.. We are also joint independent tree expert witnesses, accepting work through Legal Aid, and criminal case work.

Our case load ranges from small claims between neighbours, to very large claims for £1000s between insurance companies.

After 30 years of working in the industry , we have the practical experience, the Qualifications and specialist knowledge of Legal Judgements to ensure that all concerned parties are properly informed in a concise, clear and easy to understand way. If you have a tree-related legal problem, please get in touch for a FREE , NO OBLIGATION 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION.

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