Phytophthora Lateralis
Phytophthora Lateralis
Phytophthora Lateralis Symptoms and Treatment

Phytophthora Lateralis - Symptoms Treatment and Management

Phytophthora lateralis is a fungal pathogen that attacks and kills tree roots.

The video below was produced by Defra/Forestry Commission to stop the spread of Phytophthora diseases

Tree roots are infected by coming into contact with the fungal spores either is the soil or in water. In some instances, it can also attack the tree trunk, eventually leading to the tree's death due to girdling.

There have been several outbreaks in the UK effecting Lawson cypress trees which normally die when infected.

Phytophthora Lateralis - Symptoms

  • Initially foliage turns a light olive-grey
  • It then withers & turns a reddish-brown
  • The tree dies.
  • Tongues of killed inner bark can be identified because of their darker colour
  • The entire trunk becomes girdled.

PDFGuide to Identification and Symptoms of P Lateralis.

How We Can Help

If you suspect Phytophthora lateralis in any of the trees under your care, you need to take IMMEDIATE ACTION. There is no known cure and treatment involves limiting the spread of the disease by using biosecurity measures. Apart from the danger of a weakened tree causing personal injury, Phytophthora lateralis has the potential to devastate stocks of Lawson cypress trees in the UK. Once our Specialist Tree Consultant has positively identified Phytophthora lateralis, the tree will need to be felled and disposed of by Tree Surgeons who are Licensed Waste Carriers. The tree has to be destroyed in a biologically secure way to prevent the spread of Phytophthora lateralis.

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