Insurance Tree Reports
Insurance Tree Reports
Insurance Tree Reports and Surveys - Risk Assessment and Liability

Insurance Tree Reports - Risk Assessment and Liability Surveys

Raphael Skerratt, Tree Consultant has been producing Mortgage and Insurance Tree Reports for many years and has worked for all the major mortgage and insurance companies in the UK. Our customers absolutely love us and we can supply a list of checkable references on request.

Tree on CarTree reports are frequently required by insurance companies for trees on
your own property and neighbouring property which may contain mature trees.

Our Insurance Tree Reports detail the following

  • The likelihood of subsidence or heave due to soil type
  • Measurements - height, spread, distance from property etc
  • Health and Safety Inspection
  • Risk Assessment due falling branches
  • Root Damage to buildings, drains and boundary walls
  • Inspection of root damage to existing drains
  • Future tree management recommendations
  • Estimated costs of any remedial works

Our professional Insurance Reports address the problems of tree induced subsidence as well as tree induced heave and also assess root damage to drains.

From a legal standpoint, tree owners and managers have a duty of care to prevent their trees from causing harm or damage to property or people.

If an accident happens, and you are found negligent and cannot demonstrate "reasonable care" you may find yourself severely out of pocket. Having your trees inspected on a regular basis by a professional arboriculturist will mitigate any loss in court for unpredictable accidents.

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