Dangerous & Nuisance Trees
Dangerous & Nuisance Trees
Problems, Complaints and Appeals concerning Nuisance and Dangerous Trees

London Nuisance and Dangerous Tree Complaints, Appeals, Reports and Surveys

If you believe that a tree under your care is in danger of falling, or you are the victim of a 'nuisance' tree, you will need the help and advice of our professional qualified tree consultant. We have over 30 years of experience and a list of delighted high profile clients as long as your arm. We produce BS5837:2012 tree reports and Tree Surveys which will quickly identify nuisance and dangerous trees, so that appropriate action can be taken. We provide guidance on dangerous and nuisance trees which have TPOs and are in Conservation Areas.

Dangerous TreesSigns that may indicate that a tree may be in danger of falling

  • Dead branches in the tree or on the ground
  • Mushrooms near the base of the tree
  • Excessive leaf loss
  • Dead leaves at the top of the tree
  • Cavities and cracks in the tree
  • Areas of rotten wood
  • Nearby trees are dead or have significant damage
  • A change in how the tree leans
  • Ground is heaving or cracked near the base of the tree
  • Surrounding ground shows tree root impact damage

A common complaint about nuisance trees is that they cause 'loss of light'. Unfortunately, this is not normally actionable in a court of law. However, a nuisance tree may be causing loss of enjoyment of your amenity in your property for any one of a number of reasons, all of which must be taken into consideration by council planning officers and Courts of Law when reaching their decisions.

Other examples of nuisance tree are ones that cause Subsidence and Heave, have over hanging branches that project, for example, over a road, and have tree roots which cause damage or blockages to drains.

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