Tree Report & Survey Prices
Tree Report & Survey Prices
Cost Effective Affordable Value for Money Tree Reports & Surveys

Cost and Prices

Our value for money, cost effective prices include a site visit and report or survey. Costs are worked out as follows

  • 160 for the first hour
  • 90 per hour thereafter
  • Minimun 2 hour booking

Hence, many reports and surveys will cost 250. See below for prices of different types of surveys.

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Mortgage Tree Reports - £250

If you are buying a house and there are trees in the garden or even in the neighbours garden, your mortgage company will ask for a Arboriculturist Report.

The report is a risk assessment of the likelihood of personal injury or damage to the property by the trees. Potential damage from tree roots are also taken into consideration.

We carry £1,000,000 professional indemnity insurance and and have produced many mortgage and insurance tree reports over the thirty years we have been in business.

We know that time is of the essence when buying a house so we endeavour to to email you a PDF Tree report within 48 hours of the initial inspection.

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Subsidence Surveys - £450

Subsidence is normally a problem on shrinkable clay soils.

Low rise, pre-1950s properties are at the highest risk, due to having foundations only half a metre deep. This includes most Edwardian and Victorian houses in the UK.

We work for some of the biggest Loss Adjusters and Insurance Companies in the UK, producing subsidence reports and tree surveys for customers throughout London and Beyondd.

You will normally supply us with a report from your structural engineer.

We will make recommendations for work that will solve the problem cost effectively for you.

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Condition and Safety Reports - £350

We provide expert tree safety reports with first class customer service. After years and years of industry experience we are well placed to offer you the best possible advice.

Our tree safety inspection reports are suited to landlords, managers, home owners, and local councils. You will find that we offer a range of cost effective tree safety surveys, from the inspection of individual trees to risk analysis of entire tree populations.

Tree safety surveys help identify potential hazards in defective trees, such as structural weakness caused by fungal or insect infestation. Following this, recommendations and a schedule for necessary tree work are made to manage and reduce any risks.

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Property Development - From £350

We provide tree surveys to BS5837 2012 - Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations in formats that can easily be incorporated into the work of other consultants.

Whether you are a home owner and extending your dwelling or a property developer, if your proposed project needs planning permission, then you must consider the impact of the proposed work on nearby trees.

BS5837:2012 sets out the scope of information required by your local council.

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Impact Assessments - from £250

The purpose of an Arboricultural Impact Survey (AIS) is to examine how a development project interacts with the trees on and adjacent to the property.

The AIS takes into account what will happen during construction, as well as the what will happen when the project is finished and being used for it's intended purpose.

We strongly urge you to contact us early on in the process to allow us to highlight potential problems concerning the trees and the development project.

Tree Impact Assessments

Method Statements - from £250

the council have kindly given you planning permission but it is conditional upon a arboricultural method statement, AMS and perhaps a tree protection plan, TPP

This involves such things as a time table for all necessary Tree Surgery, Specifications of Tree Protection Zones (TPZ), Surface and Level Changes are detailed, Trench Excavation and Root Protection, Storage of Materials, Gas Bottles and Chemicals, Specifications for hard and soft landscaping near trees, and much more.

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Tree Risk Assessment - From £250

We are certified in the use of Quantified Tree Risk Assessments, also known as QTRA. With over thirty years of industry experience, we are your first and best choice for tree risk safety inspections. Our clients include landowners, councils, property developers, architects, home owners, mortgage and insurance companies.

Our QTRA reports give details of tree species, age, height , crown spread, trunk diameter, vitality, condition and target area. From this information a tree risk rating can be given. From this rating a schedule for recommended remedial work can be given.

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Aerial Tree Inspections

The are some tree defects that can only be seen by an aerial inspection. For instance, Masseria Disease of Plane starts on the top of the tree branches. So early detection requires an aerial inspection.

Under 3 metres, a ladder can be used. Above 3 metres inspection can be done using rope and harness or by using a mobile elevating platform.

In either two fully trained and operatives are rquired to satisfy Health and Safety requirements.

Contact us for an aerial inspection quote

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Dangerous Tree Reports - £250

If you believe that a tree under your care is in danger of falling, or you are the victim of a 'nuisance' tree, you will need the help and advice of our professional qualified tree consultant.

We have over 30 years of experience and a list of delighted high profile clients as long as your arm. We produce BS5837:2012 tree reports and Tree Surveys which will quickly identify nuisance and dangerous trees, so that appropriate action can be taken. We provide guidance on dangerous and nuisance trees which have TPOs and are in Conservation Areas.

Nuisance and Dangerous Trees

Asset Management - Call for Quote

We are a specialist tree consultancy with over 30 years experience in tree asset and population management. We can produce full inventories from scratch, update existing programs, and set up and run tree asset management programs for our clients.

We are happy to work with any existing tree management systems you have in place such as EzyTreev.

Population Management

Veteran Tree Reports - from £250

Veteran trees are an important part of our landscape - providing specialist habitats for a diverse range of species.

Tree owners and asset managers have a duty care to ensure the conservation of these animal, plant and insect habitats and consequently, the veteran trees that created them. We produce detailed Tree Reports for individual trees and entire populations.

Veteran Tree Reports

Conservation - from £250

You will need to justify the council why any tree work in a conservation needs to be done. Formal notification to the council does not need to be made if the tree in question is dead, diseased, dying or in a dangerous state and work can proceed immediately.

However, you may need to prove that the work was necessary should the council make enquiries afterwards.

Conservation Areas

Landscaping Project Management

We undertake project of both hard and soft landscaping works.

The scope of our work includes preparation of specifications & drawings, sourcing and ordering materials, inviting tenders and tender appraisal, complying with CDM regulations, complying with Health and Safety Requirements, contract administration and site supervision.

Project Management

TPO Consultant - £250

You must apply to the local council for permission to carry out work on a tree protected by a TPO. If you are not sure if a tree is protected call the council and ask.

A common reason for work on TPO trees is in the case of tree induced subsidence. If permission is refused you can appeal and in this case you will need a report from a professional tree consultant.

Tree Preservation Orders

Expert Witness - from £250

Expert witness services to planning appeals and other disputes such as Tree Subsidence Claims, damage to property by Nuisance or Dangerous Trees, death by falling trees and branches, personal injury claims and Tree Preservation Orders.

Our Clients include homeowners, developers, architects, engineers, insurers, loss adjustors, councils, solicitors and lawyers.

Expert Witness

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