Tree Safety Inspections - Reports and Surveys
Tree Safety Inspections - Reports and Surveys
London Hazardous and Dangerous Tree Safety Reports and Surveys
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London Safety Inspection Services - Tree Reports and Surveys

Also known as tree reports, tree condition reports, risk assessment surveys, hazardous tree reports, safety assessment or tree safety reports – regular safety inspection of trees allows our customers to mitigate meet their legal liabilities and insurance requirements. We have over 30 years of expertise in identifying hazardous and dangerous trees, making recommendations on how to keep identified risks at an acceptable level. We enjoy close working relationships with many of our clients and have a multitude of happy clients.

Our Safety Inspections comprise of a comprehensive tree survey and detailed tree report

Tree Safety Inspections
  • Site visit
  • Reports listing species, condition and quality
  • Tree location plan
  • Risk Assessment using QTRA or THREATS
  • Tree work recommendations
  • All work complies with BS 5837:2012

We provide expert tree safety reports with first class customer service. After years and years of industry experience we are well placed to offer you the best possible advice.

BS 5837:2012 Tree safety surveys and tree inspection reports are suited to landlords, managers, home owners, and local councils. You will find that we offer a range of cost effective tree safety surveys, from the inspection of individual trees to risk analysis of entire tree populations.

Tree safety surveys help identify potential hazards in defective trees, such as structural weakness caused by fungal or insect infestation. The potential risk to people and property is quantified using QTRA of THREATS. Following this, recommendations and a schedule for necessary tree work are made to manage and reduce any risks.

Having your trees safety inspected by a qualified professional arborist will satisfy your 'Duty of Care' responsibilities and mitigate legal action due to personal injury or property damage.

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