Tree Constraints Plan
Tree Constraints Plan
Arboricultural Tree Constraints Plans for Development & Construction Sites

Arboricultural Construction Site Tree Constraints Plan

One of the first considerations in the design and layout of any construction site should be the creation of a Tree Constraints Plan. Raphael Skerratt, London Tree Consultant, cannot stress the importance of doing this at the earliest possible stage in the design process for several reasons. The design time will be reduced because important trees will be identified. Planning applications and subsequent permission will be speeded up. The Tree Constraints Plan consists of essential information sourced from a Topographical Survey of the site combined with a precise BS 5837:2012 Tree Survey. Property developers may like to have a look at the most important changes in BS5837:2012 by clicking on the link. All trees with a stem diameter greater than 75mm (measured at 1.5 metres above the ground) should be listed as well as smaller trees of particular interest or value.

Construction Site with Trees Tree Constraints Plans includes the following information

  • A reference number for each tree
  • Tree species, age class, estimated life expectancy
  • Height & stem diameter taken at 1.5m from ground level
  • Direction of Branch spread ( North, East, South and West)
  • Height of crown clearance above ground
  • Physiological and structural condition
  • Preliminary tree surgery work required
  • BS 5837 Category grading

Tree roots are just as important as those above ground. Root problems can lead to a decline in a tree’s health resulting in the need for a tree to be removed or even structural collapse.

Tree roots can be easily damaged by

  • Abrasion
  • Crushing by vehicles and storage of building materials or soil
  • Compaction of the soil leading to root death by asphyxiation or drought
  • Severing and removal of roots by excavation
  • Poisoning from spillage or storage of fuel, oil, chemicals etc.
  • Changes in soil levels around trees resulting in root death as a result of exposure or asphyxiation
  • Installation of impermeable surfaces

The Tree Constraints will show a root protection zone for each tree. We have been tree consultants for more than 30 years and have many happy clients who have been very generous with their reviews of our service. Raphael Skerratt offers easy to follow practical advice in concise, easy to read tree reports at very affordable prices.

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