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  • BS5837 Reports & Surveys
  • Expert Witness
  • Tree Law Specialist
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Conservation Areas
  • Planning Appeals
  • Planning Applications
  • Risk Assessments
  • Subsidence & Drain Damage
  • Nuisance & Dangerous Trees
  • High Hedges
  • Insurance and Mortgage
  • Safety Inspections

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Tree Law Consultants

Our services include preparing submissions, briefing advocates and giving evidence with regard to the tree-related aspects of Planning Appeals, civil disputes such as High Hedges and personal injury claims. We work for Defendants and Claimants.

Our case load ranges from small claims between neighbours, to very large claims for £10,000s between insurance companies.

Tree Law

Mortgage Report Consultants

Our tree reports are concise, easy to understand and done to BS 5837:2012. In depth details of each tree are given, along with the potential for damage to boundary walls, out buildings and drains.

A risk assessment for subsidence due to the trees is also given. Finally, recommendations are made for future maintenance.

Mortgage Reports

Insurance Report Consultants

Raphael Skerratt, Tree Consultant has been producing Mortgage and Insurance Tree Reports for many years and has worked for all the major mortgage and insurance companies in the UK.

Our professional Insurance Reports address the problems of subsidence and heave as well as root damage to drains.

Insurance Reports

Tree Safety Inspections

Also known as tree reports , risk assessment surveys, hazardous tree reports or tree safety reports – regular safety inspection of trees allows our customers to mitigate meet their legal liabilities and insurance requirements.

We have over 30 years of expertise in identifying hazardous and dangerous trees, making recommendations on how to keep identified risks at an acceptable level.

Tree Safety Inspections

Tree Survey Consultants

We operate throughout London and the M25, providing professional tree surveys to a wind spectrum of clients including property developers, architects, planning consultants, landlords,local councils, schools, insurance companies, estate agents, mortgage lenders, colleges, asset managers and home owners.

Tree surveys are essential for the sustainable planning and management of tree resources.

Tree Surveys

Tree Risk Assessments QTRA

Under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and 1984, tree owners have a duty of care to prevent personal injury risks or property damage due to trees.

We are certified in the use of Quantified Tree Risk Assessments, also known as QTRA. With over thirty years of industry experience, we are your first and best choice for tree risk safety inspections.

Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Report Consultants

Our tree reports include Arboricultural Impact Analyses (AIA) assessing the likely impact of your proposals upon existing trees and putting forward mitigation measures where necessary.

This may involve additional investigation, non-destructive investigation of tree root activity for example using an Air Spade or ground penetrating radar.

Tree Reports

High Hedge Disputes

We offer a mediation service to resolve high hedge issues between neighbours, often making it unnecessary to launch an official complaint to the council.

We have a thorough knowledge of Case Law related to trees and provide Expert Witness Services to the legal profession.

High Hedge Disputes

Nuisance and Dangerous Trees

If you believe that a tree under your care is in danger of falling, or you are the victim of a 'nuisance' tree, you will need the help and advice of our professional qualified tree consultant.

 We have over 30 years of experience and a list of delighted high profile clients as long as your arm. We produce BS5837:2012 tree reports and surveys

Nuisance and Dangerous Trees

Population Management

We are a specialist tree consultancy with over 30 years experience in tree asset and population management. We can produce full inventories from scratch, update existing programs, and set up and run tree asset management programs for our clients.

We are happy to work with any existing tree management systems you have in place such as EzyTreev.

Population Management

Veteran Tree Reports

Veteran trees are an important part of our landscape - providing specialist habitats for a diverse range of species.

Tree owners and asset managers have a duty care to ensure the conservation of these animal, plant and insect habitats and consequently, the veteran trees that created them. We produce detailed Tree Reports for individual trees and entire populations.

Veteran Tree Reports

Conservation Areas

You will need to justify the council why any tree work in a conservation needs to be done. Formal notification to the council does not need to be made if the tree in question is dead, diseased, dying or in a dangerous state and work can proceed immediately.

However, you may need to prove that the work was necessary should the council make enquiries afterwards.

Conservation Areas

Tree Roots Subsidence

Tree roots can cause desiccation of the ground near to a building causing the clay soil to shrink leading to subsidence.

However, there are many factors which can lead to subsidence and you will need a thorough investigation and inspection by a qualified experienced arboriculturist to establish the extent of the problem.

Subsidence Tree Reports

Tree Root Damage to Drains

If you suspect drain blockage due to tree roots, CCTV investigation followed with repair by an experienced ground work contractor is the best way to go.

Should the root drain damage by caused by trees that you do not own and you wish to take action to recover the costs of repair, then you will need a Tree Report done by our specialist Tree Consultant.

Root Drain Damage

London Tree Surgeons

We work regularly with a professional team of London Tree Surgeons. They are fully insured and can supply a list of jaw dropping checkable references on request.

Services include tree felling and pruning, stump removal and grinding, crown reductions, pollarding, ivy removal, Japanese Knotweed eradication and control, site clearance, hedge trimming and much more

London Tree Surgeons

Landscaping Project Management

We undertake project of both hard and soft landscaping works.

The scope of our work includes preparation of specifications & drawings, sourcing and ordering materials, inviting tenders and tender appraisal, complying with CDM regulations, complying with Health and Safety Requirements, contract administration and site supervision.

Project Management

TPO Consultant

You must apply to the local council for permission to carry out work on a tree protected by a TPO. If you are not sure if a tree is protected call the council and ask.

A common reason for work on TPO trees is in the case of tree induced subsidence. If permission is refused you can appeal and in this case you will need a report from a professional tree consultant.

Tree Preservation Orders

London Tree Expert Witness

Expert witness services to planning appeals and other disputes such as Tree Subsidence Claims, damage to property by Nuisance or Dangerous Trees, death by falling trees and branches, personal injury claims and Tree Preservation Orders.

Our Clients include homeowners, developers, architects, engineers, insurers, loss adjustors, councils, solicitors and lawyers.

Expert Witness

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