Tree Law & Legal Issues
Tree Law & Legal Issues
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Legal Services

We are on hand to give advice on all aspects of Tree law

  • Expert Witness
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Conservation Areas
  • Planning Appeals
  • Planning Applications
  • 1App Submission
  • Tree Root Subsidence
  • Neighbour's Tree Problems
  • Legal Judgments
  • Insurance Claims

Help and advice on any legal implications concerning trees

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Legal Judgements

We have listed some of the most significant court cases which have helped to shape what the legal boundaries are in relation to Tree Law. It's a complex issue but the concept of 'FORESEEABILITY' is now important.

It is fascinating reading and one thing is very apparent - reports and surveys by a fully experienced and qualified arboriculturist are essential to the outcome of any court case.

Legal Judgements

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services to planning appeals and other disputes such as Tree Subsidence Claims, damage to property by Nuisance or Dangerous Trees, death by falling trees and branches, personal injury claims and Tree Preservation Orders. Our Clients include home owners, developers, architects, engineers, insurers, loss adjustors, councils, solicitors and lawyers.

Expert Witness

Neighbours' Tree Problems

Nuisance and dangerous trees on adjacent properties can be a source of never ending conflict between neighbours, causing bitter disputes that lead to legal action.

We have a thorough knowledge of Legal Judgements relating to Trees and have mediated in many neighbour disputes, acting as an Expert Witness when necessary.

Neighbour's Tree Problems

Tree Preservation Order Appeals

You must apply to the local council for permission to carry out work on a tree protected by a TPO. It normally takes between 6 and 8 weeks to get permission through.

A common reason for work on TPO trees is in the case of tree induced subsidence. If permission is refused you can appeal and in this case you will need a report from a professional tree consultant.

TPO Appeals

Tree in Conservation Areas

No work on any tree over 75mm in diameter at 1.5m above ground level is allowed without prior notification to the local council.

There is no set format for an application to carry carry work on conservation area trees but the council will require detailed information. We can help. Our professional tree consultant will put together the information required for a successful application.

Trees in Conservation Areas

Tree Root Building Subsidence

We provide expert tree subsidence damage reports for insurers, loss adjustors, home owners etc. We offer an excellent level of service, professional advice and years of industry experience.

After s site visit, we will produce a detailed report listing species, condition. quality and location along with recommendations to mitigate the subsidence damage.

Tree Subsidence Reports

Insurance Claims

We are qualified to give expert advice on tree issues including Tree Reports that fully comply with BS 5837:2012. Our customers include Insurance and Mortgage Companies as well as Loss Adjusters.

Typical insurance claims involving trees relate to Tree Root Subsidence, property damage due to Dangerous Trees and personal injury claims.

Insurance Claims

Planning Applications

If you are a property developer and there are trees on your intended construction site, you will need the help and advice of our professional arboriculturist to ensure that planning permission is granted as speedily as possible.

This also applies to property owners wishing to build a house extension in close proximity to trees.

Planning Applications

Planning Appeals

If your planning application has been refused on tree related issues, or if you have applied to do work on tree in a conservation area, or on trees with a Tree Preservation Order and permission has been refused, we can help.

In the case of property development, we will look at why permission was refused, and give concise and practical advice on what to do to obtain planning permission.

Planning Appeals

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