Tree Protection Plans
Tree Protection Plans
Arboricultural Tree Protection Plans for London Construction Sites

Tree Protection Plans by Top London Tree Consultants

Trees can take over a century to reach maturity - and destroyed in minutes through irreparable damage on a construction site.

Serious damage to trees frequently happens when contractors first occupy a construction site. The damage is usually accidental in nature, such as heavy vehicles and machinery compacting the ground and subsequently causing catastrophic root failure. Trees and their roots also need to be protected throughout and Beyondd the construction process.

A Tree Protection Plan will show the temporary measures required to protect the tree, the roots and the surrounding ground. A variety of protective fencing is utilised to prevent machinery and the storage of building materials from coming into contact with a tree and it's roots. The fencing is put into place before any construction, site clearance or demolition begins and should remain in place until all construction and subsequent hard and soft landscaping has finished. When the local council grants planning permission on a site containing trees, the consent is often conditional on tree protection methods being in place. Failure to comply with the councils requests could lead to costly and time consuming legal action for breach of planning consent.

Construction Site PlansContacting us during the planning and design stage will ensure that all necessary tree protection plans, method statements and impact assessments are fully integrated with your development plans for the site. This will avoid costly redesigns at a later stage and ensure that the planning application proceeds as smoothly as possible.

A Tree Protection Plan shows

  • All retained trees both on and adjacent to the site
  • Root Protection Areas and Crown Spreads (N, E, S, W)
  • Protective Fences and Barriers
  • Location of all Material Storage and Plant
  • Roads and Drainage Runs with Access points
  • Surface and Underground Features that affect trees

Tree protection plans show with precision, the positions and dimensions of all the trees that need to be retained on the construction site. Using AutoCAD, the tree information can be plotted directly onto the site plan. The plan is annotated to clearly show what the tree protection measures are required. We pride ourselves in being able to give concise, simple to follow advice on tree care. Our clients are from all sectors of industry and have been very generous in their reviews of our service. All our work complies with BS5837:2012. We have listed the most important changes in BS5837:2012 that property developers need to know.

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