Tree Risk Assessments QTRA
Tree Risk Assessments QTRA
Leading London Tree Consultant for Quantified Tree Risk Assessment
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Quantified Tree Risk Assessment

Under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and 1984, land owner and estate managers have a duty of care to ensure the public are not subjected to personal injury risks or property damage due to trees. Having a specialist tree consultant produce a Tree Risk Assessment Report will mitigate this duty of care requirement.

We are certified in the use of Quantified Tree Risk Assessments, also known as QTRA. With over thirty years of industry experience, we are your first and best choice for tree risk safety inspections. Our clients include landowners, councils, property developers, architects, home owners, mortgage and insurance companies.

Tree Root Drain DamageOur QTRA reports give details of tree species, age, height , crown spread, trunk diameter, vitality, condition and target area. From this information a tree risk rating can be given. From this rating a schedule for recommended remedial work can be given.

Tree Risk Assessment - Danger Signs

  • Dead branches and poor tree structure
  • Pruning history
  • Leaf condition and colour
  • Insect infestations
  • Holes - signs of decay in the tree's major structural parts
  • Digging - due to construction work
  • Horizontal or vertical cracks in any part or parts of the tree
  • Mushrooms or fungus on the tree or in it's root zone
  • Co-dominance - signs of double or multiple leads or branches
  • Visual evidence of lightning strikes

The Quantified Tree Risk Assessment system uses tried and tested risk management principles to tree safety. The first thing to quantify is how frequently the location is used by members of the public.

This enables tree owners to specify what degree of rigour a tree survey requires. Then the tree is assessed for impact potential in terms of size and the probability of failure.

Once these are determined, the probability of harm can be calculated. The QTRA method enables tree managers to operate to predetermined limits of tolerable and acceptable risk.

PDFDownload the PDF document on Tree Failure Danger Signs.

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