Tree Root Drain Damage
Tree Root Drain Damage
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London Tree Root Drain Damage Services - Insurance Reports and Expert Witness

Trees improve our beautiful and add amenity value to our environments but their roots can cause Building Subsidence and occasionally be responsible for damage to drains and underground services. Tree roots are attracted by the condensation .that forms around drains. Roots can cause direct damage to drains by dislodging the underground pipe work but this is a rare occurrence.

Tree Root Drain DamageMore frequently, the roots enter the drain system through faulty joints and cracked pipes. Once inside the drain , the roots will continue to flourish , and left undisturbed, will completely block the drain with a mass of hair like roots. These roots will trap oil, grease, tissue paper, etc

Our Tree Root Drain Damage Services include

  • Reports for Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters
  • Expert Witness and Neighbour Dispute Resolution
  • Recommendations for remedial works
  • Advice on Root Barrier Installation
  • Advice on safe planting distances for new trees

The tree roots will continue growing, exerting significant pressure on the joint or crack where they first breached the drain. leading to total collapse of the pipe,

If you suspect drain blockage due to tree roots, CCTV investigation followed with repair by an experienced ground work contractor is the best way to go.

Should the root drain damage by caused by trees that you do not own and you wish to take action to recover the costs of repair, then you will need a Tree Report done by our specialist Tree Consultant.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you think we may be able to help you.

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