Tree Surveys - London
Tree Surveys - London
London Tree Surveys for Property Developers Mortgages and Subsidence

London Tree Surveys

We operate throughout London and the M25, providing professional tree surveys to a wind spectrum of clients including property developers, architects, planning consultants, landlords,local councils, schools, insurance companies, estate agents, mortgage lenders, colleges, asset managers and home owners. Tree surveys are essential for the sustainable planning and management of tree resources.

Tree Surveys Tree surveys are generally required prior to construction and property development to allow the identification and sustainable retention of significant trees. Tree surveys are also essential for effective management of tree populations.

A tree survey includes the following

  • Genus, Species and Common Name
  • Height and Width
  • DBH (Diameter at Breast Height)
  • Age, Health and Vigour
  • Amenity, Heritage or Ecological Value
  • Crown Form and Condition
  • Visible Defects or Evidence of Wounding
  • Structural Root Zone Tree Protection Zone

A tree survey is generally undertaken following the preparation of a survey plan provided by a registered surveyor. The survey plan allows us to accurately map and reference existing trees within an AutoCAD document, which can then be modified to graphically illustrate the tree survey data. Tree surveys may also assess tree populations to provide base line data for succession or maintenance planning.

So, if you need help and advice from a professional qualified tree consultant with over 30 years of experience and a list of delighted clients as long as your arm, give us a call.

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