Veteran Tree Reports and Surveys
Veteran Tree Reports and Surveys
Veteran Tree Management, Reports and Surveys
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Veteran Tree Management Reports and Surveys

Veteran trees are an important part of our landscape - providing specialist habitats for a diverse range of species. Tree owners and asset managers have a duty care to ensure the conservation of these animal, plant and insect habitats and consequently, the veteran trees that created them. With over 30 years of industry expertise, we are your first choice for a Specialist Tree Consultant in London. We produce detailed Tree Reports for individual trees as well as detailed Tree Management Surveys of entire populations.

Tree SeasonsOur Range of Veteran Tree Management Services includes

  • Individual detailed tree inspections
  • Habitats provided by veteran trees
  • Dependent plant, insect and animal species
  • Tree viability analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Tree work recommendations
  • Long term management schedule
  • Line Transect Assessment of fallen and dead wood
  • Location by GIS or GPS/Laser Plotting

We are happy to work with any existing tree management systems you have in place. Tree data is normally provided in CSV format which means that it can be imported into or between all currently available bespoke digital tree management applications such as EzyTree.

Our tree location plans are produced in .dxf or .dwg formats so that they can be quickly and simply opened and updated in any currently available vector based drawing application, exported into bespoke tree management applications and printed out at any desired scale. The reports include an assessment of our finding and a tree works schedule. We will also provide a Tree Safety Report and help and advice on veteran tree surgery techniques.

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